Nedcon inspections

Safety, durability and reliability – key values in warehouse management. NEDCON is a strategic partner – help and support from our qualified engineers safeguards the operation of your warehouse.

Following the inspection by an expert, all possible hazards are identified in order to take precautionary measures, leading to a minimum amount of damage from daily activities. The costly shutdowns and financial loss resulting from storage system failures will decrease. The customer saves time and money!

The qualification of NEDCON’s experienced engineers corresponds to the requirements of the FEM and ERF standards. Each inspector has broad experience in designing and installing racking, with extensive training included. Upon the completion of such a training programme, an inspector is presented with a certificate and becomes an official NEDCON storage system inspector for ESE.

Before conducting the inspection, the inspector studies the blueprints of the customer’s warehouse. The inspectors have access to all the relevant documents and have a thorough knowledge of the used materials.

Regular inspections are for the most part oriented on manual warehouse racking. Checks on automated warehouse racking are not precluded, but due to a significantly lower risk of damages, such inspections are not needed as frequently.

The regular inspection includes:

  • Pallet racking
  • Hanging Garment racking
  • Drive-in racking
  • Live storage and flow racking
  • Shelving
  • Mezzanines

Having conducted the inspection, the inspector compiles a report describing the racking’s condition. The document includes a list of measures necessary for improvement and a register of components in need of mending or replacement. The information panels of the inspected objects are provided with a special symbol. Observing the storage system inspection schedule is easy, as the racking and the reports use the same control signs. If the inspection report indicates to any necessary repairs or replacements, we issue a relevant component price quotation in form of an additional document.