NEDCON’s shelving is characterised by a quick and simple installation, a high load shelf capacity, a possibility for easy spacing adjustments and freedom of extension. The shelves are stable, safe and covered with a paint coating for protection against corrosion. The shelves have been designed to be used at the following locations:

  • Workshops and warehouses
  • Company’s warehouses
  • In production
  • Archives
  • Garages and cellars

Shelving is selected according to the unit weight and volume. Generally, the goods volume is fixed at 0.5 m 3 in the transition from shelving to pallet storing. If the average volume at the storage space is lower than 0.5 m3, the goods are stored in shelving, if more, pallet racking is used.

Racking is available in different sizes directly from the warehouse, guaranteeing quick delivery, maintenance and extension.


Height [mm] Width [mm] Depth [mm] Load bearing capacity [kg]
1000-4000* 970 400 200
600 200
800 240
1220 400 175
600 175
800 275

Supply documentation:

  • 12-month warranty
  • TNO Quality Certificate
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Installation guidelines

Other measurements and a higher load capacity of shelves and sections are also available upon order.